Life without Schumacher

I’ve always hated the fringe crowd. Those boys who fill up the barstools on raceday for the free beer. And the girls who tag along just to show that they’re up there with the men. Come quiz time and they don’t know the Germans from the Austrians. But they are Schumacher fans by default, and Farrary!!….Farrary!!!…is their war cry. So, how’s life going to be without Schumacher?

To begin with, it won’t be that easy to predict the winner before each grand prix. The odds would be spread more evenly than they had ever been. Like it or not, all the teams have the same rubber – Bridgestone. So they’ve got nowhere to hide. Not even behind the engines, because 19,000 rpm is all there is to play with. Which kind of narrows down the difference in performance to two things – aerodynamics and driving skills. So, expect a lot of wind tunnel testing and finger-pointing.

Is that all? No sir!

F1 will be much younger and far more vibrant than ever before. Gone along with Schumi are oldies like Villeneuve, Monteiro, Montoya and Ide. It’s the beginning of a new F1 generation with young guns like Kubica, Hamilton, Massa, Davidson and Rosberg. It’s time sterilized F1 gets a complete makeover. So let’s look forward to lots of hot-blooded action, heated exchange of words, hot blondes in the pit lanes, and maybe some sex scandal??? I can already see the disapproving faces of over the hill F1 journos. Come on guys, don’t your remember the good old times when you were that young? Borrowing your dad’s car for the first date….tipping the driver to not use the rearview mirror…..

2007 could also be the last we see of drivers like Fisichella, Coulthard and Trulli. I’m tired of listening to Fisico proclaiming yet another championship-winning year. It won’t be. DC will finally realize that he’s better off as hotelier than as a grand prix driver. I told you I hate the fringe crowd.


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