Hello Moto

Hello Moto!

Welcome to Eff One. I reckon you are Rising Son No.15 from the li’l isle. I thought Yuji was the last Samurai, but there you are, not even completing the first lap in your first two races.

It’s strange how each one of you bites the dust. Even the man who hired you wasn’t any different. The problem is, you guys choose the wrong end of the grid. Or maybe you don’t get to choose at all. This despite having Honda and Toyota on the grid is rather sad.

Your brother Taku’s quite a fighter. He should rightfully have been in one of them Hondas, if only he could keep at least two wheels off the gravel trap. It has to be said that Suzuki San is quite a bold man to have an all-Jap lineup. Maybe two’s better than one!


Hard Compound.


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