Wrong button

Hey Jense,

I hear that you’re caught in some kinda sticky situation. Just a while ago you were moving heaven and earth to get outta that Fry’in pan. After everything those tobacco men did for you last year, I thought that wuz a ballsy move there Jense….and very rude too.

Like you’d rightly, albeit lately, realized, your dream team is in deep shit and you’d do yourself and the tobacco men a lotta good by staying put. But what do I hear now? That, that respected Sir expects you to keep your trap shut and hop on to one of his mules…..cos, in your selfish streak back then, you’d even put ink to paper! Boy oh boy….that’s like hitting ‘engine kill’ instead of ‘radio.’

If I were you, I’d prostrate in front of every member of the team for the cock up and beg for absolution. And then pray to every power that be….including Bernie!

Prayin for your sorry arse,

Hard Compound.


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