Mad Max

Hey Maxie boy,

What a cock-up this whole Indy thing has been. Just three teams going around the holy ground of racing? Whatta pity! I bet that cigarette-toting ‘legalist’ surprised you by switching sides.

Remember the ol’ times? Boy oh boy, heady days, those were. You and Bernie boy, taking on the establishment for the cause of the teams (or was it something else?). The two of you, a constant pain in the rear for that Mister Blister.

Alas, how times have changed. Now you are the establishment. And them? Bawling bungling weaklings, bitching about how unfair life has been.

Sure those Frenchies screwed up big time with their rubber. But it smelt more like politics than hydrocarbon. No wonder there were more middle fingers than Ferrari flags waving at the cameras.

So the next time a grand prix is happening, stay a bit closer to action. Not in some god forbidden ivory tower in Monaco.

Eyes on you,

Hard Compound


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