The Bernie Show

Hey old fella,

You don’t give up. Do you? One little typhoon at Suzuka and you came up with something as strange as Sunday qualifying. Then you got greedy. Like ever.

Commercial interests took over common sense and abracadabra, we had not one, but two qualifying sessions. However, in the hurry to reap riches, you overlooked a basic fact of life – people have better things to do than keeping track of television schedules.

Pardon my cheekiness, but I guess such comedy of errors is also a result of planting a crony right on top of the F of IA. The truth is that he has more money than he needs and the job is only a pastime.

However, the show needs some serious attention. And some good stewards too. Err…did someone say Stewart?


Sincerely yours,

Hard Compound.


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