Food for Todt

Yeoh Jean,

What’s up with Ferrari these days? For two seasons on the trot, your horses put me to sleep race after race. But suddenly, their troubled neighs are disturbing my weekend slumber.

Before I could even blink, those funny blue cars from your fatherland were at Turn 1, while your horses hadn’t even kicked their heels. I didn’t like that at all. I’m sure neither did Michael nor Rubens.

I know it’s kinda boring to keep winning grand prix after grand prix for 9 years, but what’s with this bond girl? Trust me mon ami, it ain’t as pretty as it looks. Your good old friend Flavio walked this road before. And he soon discovered that the Naomis and Klums only add to the aerodynamic drag of a formula one car.

I agree it’s hard for a geek to win a pretty young thing, specially, if she happens to be a Hollywood star. But at 59, kung fu is definitely avoidable.

A la prochaine,

Hard Compound.


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